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  • Kelly Huang

2023 Introduction

by Kelly Huang

To be seen. To make an impact. To create a network of support. These are some of the reasons why my partners at Gold House and I established the Gold Art Prize in 2021. We aim to support and amplify the work of artists from the Asian diaspora, and create space for critical discourse. The Gold Art Prize builds on the history of the movements that have come before us and is proud to be part of a new wave of advocacy for our community. We are driven by a shared belief that artists can lead us to social change and profoundly impact our lives through their unique perspectives and challenging ideas.

By celebrating excellence, we are also creating pathways for future generations of artists and cultural producers to enter the art world and succeed. And we continue to do so with our 2023 cycle, recognizing Enzo Camacho and Ami Lien, Tishan Hsu, Mire Lee, Gala Porras-Kim, and WangShui. 

Each of these awardees receives a $25,000 unrestricted cash prize, sponsored this year by the Kahng Foundation. Awardees are also included in Gold House Futures, an initiative that gives leading next-generation creatives, entrepreneurs, and social-impact leaders opportunities for exposure and mentorship.

The esteemed nominating- and selection-committee members are influential curators and thought leaders, providing critical support and opportunities for these artists and endorsement within the art world.

The essays in this catalogue help contextualize the work of our awardees within art history and the contemporary cultural moment. Nora N. Khan, Lumi Tan, and Harry C. H. Choi each looks at this group of artists through a different critical lens. Interviews with the artists allow us to go deeper into each practice.

Gold Art Prize awardees have been included in important international exhibitions and have gained major gallery representation. We have created a network for artists, curators, art historians, and gallerists, through which many have found opportunities to connect and collaborate. Essays included in our 2021 catalogue have led to major book deals.

We are proud of the impact that the Gold Art Prize has had in the art world since its founding and look forward to continuing to build on this movement to bring support and recognition to artists from the Asian diaspora.

Kelly Huang

Co-Founder, Gold Art Prize


Kelly Huang is an art advisor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has dedicated her professional career to expanding access to and interest in contemporary art. Kelly also serves as the Art Basel VIP Representative for the Bay Area and is the founder of the biennial Gold Art Prize, a partnership with Gold House to support and elevate artists from the Asian diaspora.


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