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Mire Lee_2022_Photo courtesy Christian Werner.tif

Mire Lee

Born 1988. Seoul, South Korea
Lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mire Lee is known to create kinetic sculptural installations that appear shabby, ridiculous, and precarious. Lee questions human fantasies of technologies that contradict the realities of subjects that decay and deform through time. Lee’s works engage the senses in a visceral way, outside the realm of intellect and language. 


Mire Lee has earned a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Sculpture (2013) at the Seoul National University College of Fine Arts. Her institutional solo exhibitions were held at venues such as the New Museum, MMK Frankfurt, and Kunstmuseum Den Haag. Lee has also participated in major international exhibitions including the 59th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, the 58th Carnegie International, and Busan Biennial 2022.

Photo courtesy of Christian Werner

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