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About KCH Advisory

KCH Advisory is a full-service art advisory based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kelly Huang established KCH Advisory in 2020 to provide advisory services to clients wanting to build meaningful art collections aligned with individual and family goals, personal interests, and passions.

The Advisory maintains an active international network with galleries, auction houses, museums and private dealers to provide clients with primary access to choice and significant works. Collections are built with careful consideration of the client’s objectives and with a high degree of selectivity.


The Advisory provides a range of art services, including strategy development, art education, acquisitions, deaccessions, curatorial advice, and installation planning. Collection management services include framing, insurance appraisals, transportation and storage of art, conservation, and recordkeeping.

In addition to working with individuals and families, KCH Advisory also provides services for corporate and public collections. Services range from installation planning, building development and planning, through to acquisitions, final installation and creating employee or public education programs.


Photo: Tri Nguyen Photography

About Kelly Huang

Kelly has dedicated her professional career to expanding access to and interest in contemporary art. Before founding KCH Advisory, Kelly was the Co-Director of Gagosian San Francisco, where she curated exhibitions and programmed special events. Previous to that, Kelly spent ten years as an art advisor with Zlot Buell + Associates in San Francisco, helping a new generation of Bay Area clients participate at every level of the contemporary art world while building and managing curated collections of art. She also has extensive experience in building corporate and public art collections.

In addition to advising private clients, Kelly serves as the Art Basel VIP Representative for the Bay Area and is the founder of the biennial Gold Art Prize, a partnership with Gold House to support and elevate artists from the Asian diaspora.


She has a BA in Visual Rhetoric, Media Studies and Art from Indiana University and an MA in Arts Administration and Policy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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